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Why using Tickmill?

Because It is a NON DEALING DESK broker (bukan bandar) and allows any kind of trading strategy and usage of robot while taking a relatively low spread at the same time. Tickmill also is a well established company. For more info please visit www.tickmill.jp

Where our Investment money goes to?

Your Investment money is transferred directly to Tickmill as deposit to your trading balance

Can I trade manually by myself?

YES. We can help to accommodate your need by open up your own personal trading account at Tickmill

Can I mix robot with manual trading?

NOT Allowed by Ubervest though technically you can. because the robot might become confuse and behaving irrationally which increase the change of losses.

Is Ubervest Money game?

NO. Profit is purely made from trading activity, we use NON dealing desk broker. There is no conflict of Interests as to win by causing loss to your trading.

What if I only want to Invest?

YES you can. You can contact our member or us directly to help you with the registration and others.

Is it possible to suffer loss while using Ubervest EA service (robot)?

Yes it is possible because in forex anyting can happen. Ubervest will do its best to ensure you profitable because whenever you make profit we make profit as well. 

Why my trading account has big negative floating?

it is possible and very common. There are certain risks on this but our algorithm actually has calculated the risk acceptance level at certain point. The best thing you can do is to wait for the market to recover. This happens usually due to big fundamental issues such as trade wars, Brexit, etc 

If I give Ubervest fake or invalid data will happen?

Ubervest is not responsible for such data submission and the consequences that may appear. The possibility is that Tickmill will freeze your account and you will freeze your investment money. All regulations can be seen at www.tickmill.jp